“Dr. Kuntz: Thank you for checking in. I am taking it one day at a time and often find myself thinking of your wonderful advice. So far things are on track for me. This all seems so understated to say, but I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You really affected my life in such a positive way, thank you!”

Posted by L., an Academic Affairs Client

“It was really a nice morning, which I never expected a will-planning-meeting to be! :-) You are so knowledgeable and were so prepared; you made it easy!”

Posted by Betsy, an Estate Planning Client

“I really appreciate your help in these matters and without you being involved I could not have done it on my own. Not only the legal part of this, but the courtesy that your firm gives that makes me very satisfied. Your support means a lot!”

Posted by Brigitte, a Probate Law Client

“I very much appreciate the invaluable assistance, not the least of which was the kind support you both provided. It was an indescribably painful, scary experience. I'm incredibly relieved it's over! Your insight was measured and reassuring; Jeff was kind, reassuring and supportive. Many thanks to both of you! ”

Posted by Rebecca, a Family Law Client

“We used Micah to readopt our child (adopted abroad) to get his American citizenship. As we are diplomats living overseas this was a complicated process but he knew the ropes and guided us effectively through the process. Despite a few delays not in his control, the adoption went smoothly without a hitch. Highly recommend.”

Posted by Sarah, an Adoption Client

“We have worked with law firm Lippman, Semsker & Salb, LLC on various activities/cases and they have consistently helped us with excellent legal work at reasonable rates.”

Posted by Frank, a medium-sized Business Client

Micah Salb and Mary Kuntz worked patiently with me to help get money due me for a web development contract. They were persistent and explored different possible strategies, and finally got my former employer to pay some of what was owed to me and sign a promissory note for the rest. My former employer is a weasel (I think the legal term is "bad actor"), having repeatedly failed to pay several other employees as well, and coming up with endless excuses. I do not believe I would have seen any payment had I not contracted the services of Lippman, Semsker & Salb.”

Posted by Cynthia, an Employment Law Client

Micah is an excellent attorney for estate work and other matters. He's knowledgeable and thorough, generous with his time, a good listener, and enough of a nudge to get you to actually complete and sign the paperwork and get it out of the way. He provided us with excellent advice in developing our wills, trust, and custodial arrangements. Where he really shines is in patiently guiding clients through the tricky issues and sometimes difficult decision-making process involved in estate planning. He was sensitive to a few unique aspects of our situation, and proposed some very helpful ideas for how to accomplish our goals.”

Posted by Christy, an Estate Planning Client

Micah, I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to your firm for helping me with my case, especially Mary Kuntz. I would never have even gotten close to the number we settled for without her knowledge, thoroughness and most importantly, the concern that I get the most compensation that I deserved.... Again, thank you and Mary so much.”

Posted by Todd, an Employment Law Client

Micah, thanks for all you do to support public education.”

Posted by R., an Estate Planning Client

Micah, thanks for all your assistance! You and the firm have been most helpful. You've got my recommendation!.”

Posted by Rich, an Estate Planning Client


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