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Do You Remember to Request Your Free Credit Report Each Year?

It is not uncommon for our client to be in the dark about their financial obligations, credit report, and credit score.

Credit affects every aspect of your life. And credit problems affect our clients in every aspect of our practice. From the divorcing spouse who has forgotten about the guarantee that she signed for the spouse's business to the probate client whose estate faces a large creditor's claim because of an erroneous debt that shows up on the credit report to the job applicant who is denied a position because of information on a credit report, our clients often suffer because of the often incorrect or incomplete information on their credit reports.

Federal law entitles every person to one copy of their credit report from each credit reporting agency each year. Click here for more information about this.

In addition, you can purchase a report that provides credit information from the three primary credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) for $39.95. This report includes your credit score. Click here to get your free report.

You may think you know what is in your credit report --- but a small amount of time invested might reveal unpleasant but fixable surprises.

Please note that this article is a general summary of law and omits many important details, footnotes, and caveats. It is no substitute for legal advice from a lawyer based on your particular circumstances. For more information or to speak with a lawyer, please call us at (301) 656-6905 or send us an email at mail@lsslawyers.com.

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