Academic Law

Teachers, professors, and staff are in the first instance employees. As employees, many problems may be addressed by the same employee-protection laws which protect all other employees. Issues such as discrimination, harassment, non-payment of wages, or discipline are governed by state and federal laws that protect all employees. Lippman, Semsker & Salb has a long history advancing the rights of employees and is well-equipped to assist in such matters.

Tenure, however, is unique to teachers and professors. If you have been denied or lost tenure and need help appealing the decision within the institution, or if you think that you might need to take the case to court, this Firm can help. We have experience with winning tenure, appealing tenure, and litigating due process cases.

Led by Mary Kuntz, Ph.D., our Academic Law practice works with professors and teachers throughout the United States with a depth of experience, knowledge, and background not easily replicated. With twenty years of experience as a professor and administrator, Dr. Kuntz has a deep understanding of academia with a level of insight and information regarding the operations of academia rarely found in law practice.

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